Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On February 10 the Elders were leaving out the front gate. The bottom hinge broke out of the gate.  The elders told Andrew (the guard) they had to hurry on and to just tell Elder & Sister Schlehuber. We knew we needed a welder and general "fix it man". Vandi was called and he took me to a welder. We loaded the equipment and came back to inspect the job.

The welder's extension cord was just insulated cable with bare wires on both ends. He stuffed those into the socket in the alcove in front, tried a test weld, upped the current and then the socket (and several others in the house) stopped working.

No plug?  No problem!

We considered renting a large generator or a flatbed truck or trailer to carry the gate to his shop.  But the best solution was to stuff the extension cord wires into the socket for the master bedroom air conditioner. Since this air conditioner wasn't working properly, it didn't matter if we blew another fuse ... we just hoped we wouldn't melt any wires together in the house!

The finished weld of the hinge to the door.

Welding the hinge back onto the door

Success! The socket for the hinge was welded back on ... but was at a slight angle from where it should have been so the gate did not easily slide on to the hinge posts. But no real problem ... the welder just got a big hammer and beat on the hinge until it straightened out (a little). Some lubricating oil and more hammering and it moved more or less into place.

On February 13 we tackled the broken door locks to the front and back doors. Vandi had me park at his work (filling station on Fenton Road). We walked to where Sister Schlehuber and I had picked up padlocks a couple days go, and picked out some door locks with nice handles. We then drove to pick up an "expert" at fixing metal doors & locks ... a young man at a trade school and a younger side-kick at the welding shop (where we got the welder that fixed the main gates.)  His grinder quit working part way through fixing the front door. After much hammering & chiseling, and a pop-rivet tool that barely worked, he had the front door working. The back door (and door locks) took a literal beating but the job got done!  And the door doesn't stick any more!!

Extension cables spliced together
Connecting extension cords when you have no sockets or plugs

Grinding off the old door lock

Pop-riveting the new door lock in place

A new plate welded 

Holding lock in place while Pop-riveting

Extension cable for welding "plugged in"

After old door lock has been removed, before new lock put in

February 16th our guard noticed a bird flying out of our water tank. Maleki, one of the young men who Andrew lets in to water the plants, offered to climb in and clean out the tank.

Maleki getting inside the water tank

Emptying out the water tank

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  1. By the way, we did manage to find a cover for the opening at the top of the water tank.