Friday, March 2, 2012

Delivering a new elder

Yesterday afternoon Elder Otubu, a new elder on his way to Kenema, was brought by Markus Wallace (the mission dirver) to our "compound".  Elders Bennion and Stott ("our elders" ... the East Zone Leaders who stay in the apartment behind ours) immediately hailed bikes and took off to go to work with him.

This morning we took Elder Otubu to Kenema and concluded our "budget training" that we began with the Kenema elders a month ago.  They're doing great on their budget and even reported some improvements in their diet since they were recording what they were spending.

Elder Tims took a group picture of us. Left to right: Elder Schlehuber, Sister Schlehuber, Elder Dyngee, Elder Tims, Elder Coffie, Elder Otubu, Elder Purcell, Elder Tawiah.

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