Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missing ... one truck battery

This morning we went out to exercise and when Sister Schlehuber leaned on the truck hood to do some light pushups she noticed that the hood was not completely closed. Lifting the hood we found that the battery had been stolen during the night. Even though the truck is parked inside the "compound" wall, someone had come over the wall and taken the battery. After checking with some friends in the area, one of them (actually, the first counselor in the Bo District presidency) came over and we took off for the middle of town to find a new battery. My favorite part is that virtually everyone in Bo gets their transportation by flagging down a "bike" and off you go as a passenger on a motorcycle. I haven't had so much fun since we got to Sierra Leone!

We hadn't been parking the truck in the garage for a number of days because one of the hinges on the garage doors had broken and needed welding. Today we got the hinge welded and are back to parking the truck in the garage.  Having the battery taken may not have been such a bad thing though.  Just several days ago we had to replace the battery because it was getting weak and wasn't always turning over the engine to start it. The replacement did not fit well ...  positive and negative posts on the wrong side badly straining the connecting cables and too short (had to use a couple of blocks of wood under it and on top to barely hold it in place).  I worried that since it didn't fit well, that it might break loose on our next trip to the Liberia border.  Looking on the positive side of things, I think the Lord may have had a hand in helping us to look for a correct battery.

On another positive note, the welder came this evening and welded the hinge so that the garage door could be easily and safely opened and closed.  The truck and its battery are now safe in the garage at night!

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