Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting diesel fuel

We have eight 22 liter containers for diesel fuel for the generator and try to fill up when we've emptied six. That way if diesel isn't available for a couple of days we can still keep the lights on.  After getting a new battery for the truck it was time to go get more diesel and fill up six empty containers. I called ahead to Vandi, our "gas" man and all around "find it for us" guy.  He said he would call back when he knew if it was available and where (one location is easier to get to than the other).  A few minutes later I got the call that diesel was available at the Safecon station at Shellmingo Circle.  I didn't get going for another half hour and regretted waiting when I got there as I ended up having to wait another hour and a half before my six little cans could be filled.  Another truck was already there filling up their containers.

A company from Kenema comes to Bo to fill up their containers with diesel.

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