Monday, April 16, 2012

Second trip to the Liberia border

Our second journey to the Liberia border to transfer missionaries started out at 7 AM, Thursday, April 12, with us going ahead to take the ferry crossing route while Markus picked up more elders. The trip by way of the ferry was supposed to take less time.

We missed the turn at the police checkpoint and turned around after about 10 minutes when we realized we were on the wrong road.  At the police check we asked about Markus and they hadn't seen him (he had gone by but we later found out they hadn't noticed him).  We were then told that the ferry had sunk and wasn't operating, so we headed back to Bo in a hurry thinking we had to catch up with Markus because we thought we might have misunderstood which way we were to go.

When we got back to our apartment we were able to call President Roggia and eventually heard from Markus (when he finally got into cell phone service range) that he had gone all the way to the ferry only to find out the ferry had sunk. That cost him an extra two hours of travel plus he had to get more fuel just as we had to when we got back to Bo.  We finally left for the border by way of Kenema at 11:15 AM.  We were able to leave the last border station heading home at 5:40 PM and reached our home at 11 PM after dropping off the sisters at the sisters' apartment.

A bit of the red dirt from the pot holes we went through stuck to the truck.

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