Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cutting our grass and P-Day activities

21 May  The grass around our home is growing fast because of the rain we've been getting.  So it was time to get someone who had a mower to get it cut.  The first counselor in the Bo District presidency is Peter Kpaka and he just happens to have an electric mower!

President Kpaka mowing our grass

The grass in the back however is above our waist in some places and that takes the "P-Day" efforts of the Bo East Zone Elders with their machetes to "brush" the grass.  This is Elder Iheanacho who helped cut the grass.  I think he'd rather be golfing though.

Elder Iheanacho practices his golf swing while "brushing" the grass

Most of the grass had been cut down to manageable lengths, but Elder Stott is getting in a few more good swipes (and blisters, too!)

Elder Stott and Elder Iheanacho

On 11 June the "Super P-Day" activity was to play tennis at the country club just across the road from our home.  Here is Elder Iheanacho with his forward slam.

Elder Iheanacho's forward slam!

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