Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Events of the past month

We are nearing the middle of the rainy season and have been getting a LOT of rain.  This rainbow, though somewhat faint, was simply beautiful.

We visited the IDA Branch in Kenema last Sunday (15 July 2012).  Here is the front of the building.  It's a really nice rental building with the finishing touches completed just a few weeks ago and with enough rooms for most of the classes to be divided into different age groups.
IDA Branch in Kenema

We were able to have the Bo District Young Women President and Primary President come with us to help instruct the local leaders of the 3 branches in Kenema.  While the branch Relief Society, Young Women and Primary leaders were receiving instruction after the meeting block from Sister Schlehuber and the district leaders, Elder Schlehuber met with the branch presidents for IDA, Kenema and Simbeck Branches and the 2nd counselor in the district presidency.
Left to right: district Young Women President Sister Mansary, Primary President Sister French & Sister Schlehuber

We have a "watch pup".  I think she may be a little bit tired after a night on the roof watching for intruders!  Her mother has adopted our location and even though we don't encourage them to be here she probably feels safer compared to other places.  We'll have to close up some small gaps in the wall after the pup grows a bit more and they leave.
Our "watch pup"

The trees in front got "trimmed" by some local boys who had been asked (by someone else) to trim them.  They got trimmed before we had a chance to give our input on what kind of trimming should be done.  The one on the far right will likely look like the others by tomorrow.  Oh well, in another month or so with the sun and rain they'll be bigger than ever!

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