Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our truck got "clamped"

Friday, 7 Sep 2012 we got “clamped” when we parked where we usually park when we go to the Freetown Market. There were no signs indicating the particular area was restricted or any different from where the cars were parked ahead of where we parked. When we came out of the store and found our wheel locked we saw the two “officers” lingering on the other side of the road who had just moments before put the “clamp” on our truck. Neither of the phone numbers on the notice that was left on the windshield raised anyone. However, the store manager knew who to call and promised to take care of it. We came to understand that the store owner paid to have the section of the street directly in from of his store exempted from the patrol that puts “clamps” on vehicles. We were relieved to not have to pay the Le 100,000 “penalty” and certainly were not going to pay the “officers” to just unlock their “clamp” and let us be on our way. It only cost us about a 50 minute wait.

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