Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bo District members are safely back from their temple trip

Our 55 members from the Bo District who left for the Accra Ghana Temple October 9th, spent 3 days in the temple and then headed back to Bo, arrived home in Bo just before 8 AM on Wednesday, October 24th.

Their journey home was not without incident. Sometime in the early hours of Saturday morning October 20th on the way home their bus went off the road in Kumasi, Ghana as the driver was trying to dodge a huge pothole and damaged the tire and wheel well. The owner of the bus transportation company was on the bus and by daylight began to make arrangements for another bus. A police officer who came on the scene was an Elders Quorum President of a ward in a local stake. They were taken care of by the local stake and were on their way with another bus by 2 pm Saturday.

The second counselor in the Bo Sierra Leone District presidency Peter Kpaka and his wife are both returned missionaries and took this opportunity to be sealed to each other and to their two year old son.  They both had recommends for receiving their patriarchal blessing when they were on their way to their respective missions, but at the time there was no patriarch available.  This time while President Kpaka was conducting some district business in the Church offices on the temple grounds he asked if there was a patriarch from whom they could each receive their patriarchal blessing.  The person he was asking was a senior employee in the office and also a stake president.  He replied that they most certainly had a patriarch and proceeded to make several phone calls and arrangements to accomplish what would have ordinarily taken several days.  President Kpaka testified that some of the very things in his blessing came to pass on the bus journey home!

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