Saturday, December 15, 2012

Missionaries on the bus from Bo to FreetownAll All

The mission bus needed engine repairs before it could take eight missionaries from Bo to Freetown, so they all had to catch the public bus.  The only problem then was that they were out of tickets for the 1 o'clock bus.  Happily there was another bus at 2:30 pm that "might" have space for them and their luggage.  We were so happy when we heard that they would have enough seats for them to buy tickets ... but it wasn't certain that they would be able to have their luggage as well.  Their was extra cost to haul their luggage and it wasn't too much so it was all piled on top of the bus and tied down.  Here they are.

Left to right: : Elders Barth, Otaniyuwa, Dyngee, Liufau, Hill, Tawiah and Svongwa (almost out of the picture).  It looks like Elder Hill has already begun to teach someone on the bus.

All the missionaries' luggage went on top.

Sister Awuoche and Elder Barth as the bus departs.

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