Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New cell tower next door

Recently we saw a new cell tower being erected just next door to us.  No construction crane was used and are told the cell towers in the area are constructed in the same manner.  Workers pull up a length of each leg of the tower and bolt it to the underlying structure.  They tie another length to it to lift it up high enough so the piece can be bolted on.  In the picture below, a strut used as a temporary "holding piece" is still lashed on to the length on the right that has been bolted in place.  With a pulley and a workmen on the higher strut they can lift and begin to attach the second strut on the left.  Once all three struts are in place at the same level, they place the diagonal cross bars to strengthen and stabilize the structure.  (The wires across the top of the picture are our power lines along the side of our home.)

4 workmen building a new cell tower

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