Saturday, July 2, 2011

Applications completed

It only took us a few hours to fill out our applications online.  It'll take a bit more than that to get the medical exams done... but it is the summer here which means there are fewer people here so appointments aren't as far out as in the winter.  We are anxious to be on our way, but we are also prepared to wait for the right time.  We are anxious to live the missionary life!  Wherever it is!

We've pretty much worked out all the details for closing up, leaving, and keeping the minimum things going here... in theory at least.  For the vehicles we are going to file a de-insured certificate, stop the insurance, and leave them in the garage.  Then, if they run when we get back, we can start the insurance and renew the registration with no penalty.

We've made a list of all the things that need to be done or thought about.  Then we assigned a "when" category to each.  I was afraid we may leave too many things to the last minute, but it seems to be working out okay.  At first  we thought we would need 1 month between call and report date.  Now we're thinking we could do it in a week if we had to!  But who knows, maybe we'll need to wait months.  We'll be ready.

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  1. How exciting! You guys will be great. With your international and family history experience it will be interesting to see where you are called to go. You could go anywhere!