Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New shoes!

This event is worthy of a blog entry!  We went to the SAS store to get Cameron some shoes.  I had already checked their web site and they still didn't show any closed toe dress shoes for women.  But, as we walked in, right in the window was the perfect shoe for me!  Kind of a Mary Jane style, low heel and a thin strap, beautiful soft leather... simple and elegant and being a SAS shoe it feels like you've slipped into Heaven when you put it on!  So, I have my dress shoes and now I have some great nice looking walking shoes that could also be a dress shoe.   And we did get Cameron's shoes too.

This may not sound like a big deal but it's always hard to find a shoe with a narrow heel and a larger toe box.  But this is it!  It wasn't shown on the SAS web site because it's not in full production yet.  I get thrilled with little things!

On other fronts... we are slogging our way thru eye exams, skin tests, vaccinations...  everything's going well so far.  I was a little concerned about the possibility of glaucoma for me because if you are near-sighted (I am) you are 90% more likely to have glaucoma.  No sign of it, no sign of macular degeneration (both of my parents had it and my grandmother), and cataracts are minimal, better than expected for this age.  We're good so far!

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