Friday, February 3, 2012


 Bo East Zone Leaders Elders Ellsworth and Stott had this beaded mat made for us by the District Young Women's 2nd Counselor, Sister Bahun, and presented to us on behalf of the entire East Bo Zone.

Some general pictures of Bo below.

Lewabu elders apartment.

View from Lewabu elders apartment.

View the other way from the Lewabu apartment.

New Lewabu chapel - no sign yet.

Bo market road to Njaie Town chapel.

Bo market road.

Such is Life truck (that's what it says on the hood).

Road to Njaie Town chapel.

Turn off to Njaie Town chapel.

Motorcycle swarms.

More bike swarms.

From Bo Branch chapel.

Just liked the goat in the parking area Bo Branch.

View from back of Bo Branch.

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