Friday, February 3, 2012

Delivering a new generator (and elders) to Kenema

We needed to take a new replacement generator to the elders in Kenema (45 minutes away).  However, the elders were in Bo for interviews, so we piled 4 of the 6 into the back seat of the Ford Ranger.  They still thought it was better than a taxi ride with 9 or so people in crowded into a small small taxi.  ("small small" is Krio...see, we're learning the language!)

.4 in the back!
Elder Jenkins (Star Valley), Elder Tawiah (Qatar), Elder Purcell (Samoa), Elder Coffie (Nigeria).

Elder Purcell and Elder Coffie and Elder Schlehuber driving.


Bo to Kenema country side.

Hut by side of road Bo to Kenema (taken at 110 kph).

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