Friday, February 3, 2012

Some notes

We have put up lots of apartment pictures on the Our Apartment in Bo link above.  And we've posted the last 3 weeks worth of pictures on this page below this post.

Some quick notes -

When we went to Njaie Town branch Sunday, I opened the truck door to get out but before even one leg had hit the ground my glasses had completely fogged up... same thing happened to Elder Schlehuber.  And this is the dry season!

One disadvantage of not having hot water is that you either have to be stronger or more creative to get some bottles open.  A belt wrapped around the lid and 4 hands works pretty well.

I always keep with me, even in the house, my phone, keys, small knife, and flashlight.  I attach the phone to me so I'll have it, so I won't lose it, so it won't be stolen when I'm out.

Huge groups of school children, all ages, walk along the road between Bo and Kenema.  They all wear uniforms and more than half carry machetes.  We think it is like a school lunch program.  They use them to open coconuts.

We did some training with the full-time missionaries.  Every meeting starts and ends with a hymn and a prayer.  However, there is no music, no recordings, no keyboards, so the tradition is that the conductor sings the first line or so, then he/she says something like "On the count of 2 go..., 1, 2..." then everyone sings.  We had thought we were instructing but not running the meeting.  However, it turned out differently.  I chose the hymns on the spot, conducted, and yes, I even sang the first line of each hymn!  I am going to fix that!  I'm taking my mp3 player and speakers.  Then I can play the hymns and conduct only... it will set the tone so much better if I'm not singing a solo!  But the missionaries were very nice about it all, and the elders sing loudly, enthusiastically, and well.  The windows for every meeting are always open... I think the singing must carry a long ways!

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