Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bo has 1 garbage truck but it doesn't go as far east as our apartment is.  Not sure how it works anyway.  I think it gets trash from the market area and that's pretty much it.  Everyone just burns everything.  But in the rainy season it's too wet too burn.  We pay someone to come and brush the grass (whack it down with a machete).  Then, in a couple of weeks everything has grown back... and the June grass grows to 6 to 8 feet tall.

Now that we are into the dry season we can clean up and burn!  The farmers burn the fields to prepare for the rainy season.  There are unattended fires all along the roads.  I used to worry about fire in Arizona and Utah, but here... no wahala (no problem!)  There is always so much water in the air fire won't get out of control.  So we burned our back yard.  It wouldn't keep burning across so Elder Schlehuber had to carry fire using papaya fronds.  Sometimes we see people carrying fire in a metal dustpan from one house to another.

The rainy season has blue skies, but the dry season is mostly white skies due to the dust and the smoke.  The dust is from the east, the Sahara sands.

Contributing to the smoky skies.

Elder Schlehuber carrying fire to keep the burn going.

Generator building in the back, broken step ladder to the right.

The fire burning around the plantain and the mango.  It burns quickly and doesn't harm the plantain, mango and papaya trees.  Strong (overripe) papaya in the foreground.

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