Thursday, January 17, 2013

The senior accountant at the bank in Bo where the missionaries do business invited the missionaries to a Christmas lunch prepared by her (a member) and 5 assistants.  It was a huge spread!  Wonderful food and Christmas music.  The missionaries were well fed that day!

Awaiting lunch... Elders Walker, McDonald, Jest, Flament, and the right half of Elder Weller

 Waiting with anticipation...  Elders Symons, Stewart, Burton, Nichol and Jones (right foreground)

More waiting... Elders Lokpo, Nwosu, Assumang, Coffie, and Rochester

Part of the spread... fish, kabobs, breads, soups, stews, vegetables, cakes, beans, rice, African dishes, cold soft drinks, juices, water

  The Christmas Cake

 Elder Opuene showing his first plate

Elders Turner, Opuene, and Ngerem

Elders Stewart and Burton, the Bo East Zone Leaders who live in the small apartment in the rear of our compound... after lunch!

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