Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our new high-speed internet office.  We have had very slow internet while in Bo... many times as slow as 5 to 10 kbps, but sometimes around 100 or a very few times up to 200.  Elder Schlehuber's computer needed to download some anti-virus updates and it was taking a loooonnng time.  We ran out of time because we had to go down the road to a new rented chapel to do some training.  So we left the computer on and took it with us.  When we got to the building, suddenly the internet was faster than we had ever seen it here... 700 to 800 kbp!

We have not been able to Skype much because of the very slow connection but in our new high-speed internet office, we can!  We were parked in front of the chapel compound, about 20 feet off the Bo-Kenema highway and about 15 feet up.  A lot of people walk along the road.  I'm sure they wondered what we were doing, standing there talking to a computer on the hood of the truck.  The smaller girl came by with a huge tub of something on her head.  After watching for a while, she went on, then suddenly she reappeared with her older sister so that she could see what was happening! 

When we first drove up, I walked around the side of the compound to check things out.  A little boy about 4 waved and called out "Pumwe, Pumwe" (white person).  Then he ran into a hut and brought out about 6 or 8 more little kids all waving and calling "Pumwe, Pumwe".  I think we provided local entertainment!  (These pictures were taken in the early evening.  It looks like night because of the flash.)

New high-speed internet office in Bo!

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