Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is a tree we have enjoyed watching on our journey to and from Kenema for the past year.  During this time, the start of the dry season, it is covered with coral flowers.  Very pretty.  After taking this picture we realized it is very representative of the road between Bo and Kenema, nice paved road, hilly with dense vegetation, palms, rice fields, a small pineapple plot, a variety of houses made of stick and mud or block with metal roofs (tin coated with zinc), and a few wood houses.  Small huts like these are everywhere.  Along the road people spread their grain on the asphalt (in the foreground), wash their clothes and lay them out to dry on the asphalt.  The bags are casava leaves (to sell and eat), and the wood is harvested to burn for charcoal.

Farther down the road we saw a man climbing a coconut palm.  Some areas have many more palms than are in this scene.  There are schools, churches, and villages all along the way.

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