Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where we buy eggs in Bo

For our first several months we were able to have fresh eggs that we bought from Brother Jonathan Kamara, who was the clerk in the New Barracks Branch.  But he found a job for a couple of years along the eastern border of Sierra Leone, so we were on our own getting eggs from the markets and road-side stands in Bo.  For a few months about a quarter of the eggs we bought were bad, no matter who we bought them from.  But the first 30 eggs we bought from Agnes Conteh were all good and we've been going back to her little stand ever since.

Agnes Conteh

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A new "super market" in Bo

A couple months ago the Sabbagh food market in Bo, Sierra Leone closed for a few weeks while work was finished on their new market which has now opened up!  It's the new Best-In Market.  Wide aisles, a larger stock of items, big refrigeration units, and two check-out lanes!

We even found Danish whipping cream.  We added papaya and pineapple from our yard to the canned fruit salad, then added whipped cream to top it off.