Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bo West Zone Conference 6 July 2013

Bo West Zone 6 July 2013

front left to right:  Sis Schlehuber, Elder Schlehuber, President Ostler, Sister Ostler
center:  Sisters Apiyo and Mukiisa
back left to right:  Elders Coffie, Clawson, Fonokalafi, Magrangqa, Ntozakhe, Jones, Ahrinful, Bogh, Mthembu, Itomo, Donaldson, Hales, Tucker, Chigede, Liufau, Wolfgramm

Bo East Zone Conference 5 July 2013

Finally getting decent internet bandwidth, so here is a (very) belated post of the first zone conference with President and Sister Ostler.

Bo East Zone 2013-07-05

front left to right: Sis Schlehuber, Elder Schlehuber, President Ostler, Sis Ostler
center: Sisters Nansamba and Nyawe
back left to right:  Elders Wootton, Aniabre, Richardson, Chemhuru, Muthoni, Miller, Mupando, Stanford, Despain, Losee, Walker, Asiimwe, Evans, Mosenthal, Hovley, Arikpo, Flament, Udofot, Hill, Mukwaira, Woodhead, Etuk, Wolfgramm, Liufau

Running on Empty

Last Monday with Elder and Sister Curtis on their mission tour and after the combined zone conference for the Bo East, Bo West and Kenema Zones, the new car that President and Sister Ostler were driving needed a fill up before heading back to Freetown.  Unfortunately late in the afternoon there was only one filling station that had petrol (gasoline).  After the meeting we had first sent them to another station not knowing that there was a fuel shortage.  We caught up with them at that station and made a couple of urgent phone calls to local members and leaders who might know where to get fuel.  Brother Bagrey Vandi, 2nd counselor in the New London Branch, told us to come to the filling station where he works and he would take us from there to where there might be fuel.  When we got there, there were a couple of very long lines of cars and motorcycles.  We had also called Brother Simeon Pessima, Elders Quorum President in the Lewabu Branch.  He met us at the Total station where we ended up.  His sister also worked there!  About an hour after first realizing fuel was going to be hard to find, a place was opened up in the line, the vehicle was backed in to get close to the pump and refueling was accomplished!

Long lines to the left ...

... Long lines to the right ...

... and cars lined up down the road