Monday, January 16, 2012

George Albert Smith quote

"It is not an easy task... to be called out into the world... but I say to you it will purchase for those who are faithful, for those who discharge that obligation as they may be required, peace and happiness beyond all understanding, and will prepare them that, in due time, when life's labor is complete, they will stand in the presence of their Maker, accepted of Him because of what they have done."

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  1. Just wanted you to know we've been "spying" on you. Looks like the same thing happened to you as happened to us when going through Atlanta on our way home from Egypt. No "bleeding" ties, but plenty of waterlogged books, etc. We learned that our luggage wasn't waterproof, that's for sure. We're excited to hear of your arrival in Bo and hear all of the stories. We love you and think of you often (and pray for you, too). God bless & watch over you.