Monday, January 16, 2012

Initial Stay in Freetown

Since we arrived last Thursday we have been staying in a senior couple apartment in Freetown.  We've been busy practicing driving (yes, that's necessary!), shopping for things we need, and most of all being oriented and trained for our activities in Bo.  This Thursday we plan to move to Bo and make our home there.  We've been to a branch meeting Sunday where there were some really wonderful talks.  We've been well taken care of and fed (spiritually and physically), attended a departure tonight for 3 elders going home (all 3 and the Assistants bore sincere heartfelt testimonies), and tomorrow we'll be at a welcome dinner for the new missionaries.  I didn't realize we were new... I thought it was just for the missionaries arriving tomorrow!

A summary of our trip here.  We had great flights from SLC to Atlanta and then to Accra Ghana where we stayed overnight in a very nice hotel (Novotel City Centre).  In Atlanta we had a fun conversation with Sister Judd, wife of the Accra Ghana Mission President.  She was on the same flight back to Accra.  It used to be that we talked with missionaries and senior couples in the airports, but now things are reversed... other people come up to us and talk to us!  Where are we from, Where are we going, and frequently they tell us about their missions... lots of fun!

At the Accra airport we discovered that one bag had ripped open about 10 inches but amazingly nothing was missing.  And then when we got to the hotel we found that the bags had gotten wet in Atlanta (it was raining) and Cameron's red ties had bled onto my white shirt and a few other things.  We left them to deal with later, caught a taxi and went to the temple.  Had a wonderful time there. 

Next day we packed up yet one more time and caught a Kenya Airlines flight to Freetown.  The 2 hour flight flew right over Bo although we couldn't see anything (too much water in the air).  After landing, Elder and Sister Greding (pure water project) whom we had met up with in Accra showed us how to blast thru customs with the help of an airport porter.  Then we took a bus down a very rough and steep dirt road to a palm lined beach with fisherman repairing their nets.  There we caught the Eco Taxi over to Freetown.  Only a 20 minute ride but no airflow inside made it, in President Roggia's words, a terrarium!  It was great to finally arrive after months of preparation and 2 days of travel.

We have so many stories and great experiences... they have to go in our journals... this blog would be way too long!

By the way, my white shirt is white again... after much scrubbing and soaking in bleach!

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