Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MTC 2nd day

This has been a full day filled with Preach My Gospel training and preparation for our first teaching appointment tomorrow.  This evening we attended the devotional with O. Vincent Haleck of the Seventy.  His son Adam also spoke.  He spoke of consecrating all that we have, time, energy, effort for this period of time, let the Lord guide, let the Spirit fill our lives.  He stressed the importance of total obedience.  He said we will probably have those moments as he did, when looking out East over the Pacific he thought "Too far to swim."  Then he turned around and went to work.  His advice...let those moments be earlier rather than later in your mission.

During breakfast we sat with young sisters going to Brazil... today, in fact they left while we still ate.  Some sisters were left behind.  They've only been here 2 weeks.  The one's leaving seemed so confident and eager.  The newer sisters were confident, talkative, but just a little tentative!  The sisters are so happy, pleasant, polite, just delightful!

At lunch we discovered the "salad" secret!  Go behind the "wall of salad" and get a wrap without the wrap... all the salad ingredients without the tortilla.  The lunch salad guy really fixed us great salads!  We felt a little uncomfortable because they made us go to the front of the line.  Seniors can go to the front of the line but we didn't need to, we were fine where we were.  But they said it was showing respect for the seniors!  Okay, we'll take it!

Supper and the Ice Cream Elders:  Another good salad and then Elder Schlehuber had to get an ice cream.  As we were going to a seat to finish, a bunch of elders detained us with "Where's the ice cream?"  They had just arrived a few hours previous, so we took them to the ice cream source and also let them know that on Wednesdays there will be BYU Creamery ice cream... I don't think they fully understood the significance of that!   They were from Washington state, Australia, Denmark, India,  Korea and I can't remember where the other 2 or 3 were from.  The Danish elder started speaking Deutsch to us when he saw our name... he thought we were from Deutschland.

Another great day at the MTC!

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