Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Man's Search for Happiness

Another great day of training!  Our "teaching appointment" (role playing) went well, and another one tomorrow.  We have our lesson planned, although following the precept "Teach people, not lessons", may dictate a change of direction once we meet with the investigator.

At dinner we positioned ourselves at the end of a table midway between the ice cream and the tray return... a very active route!  A young elder came up to us (hadn't seen him before) and asked "Have you read Man's Search for Happiness?"  We didn't know why he was asking, was this a role play we were in and didn't know about, or what... so we said "Yes, a while back though."  He then excitedly pulled out of his pocket a letter from church headquarters and showed it to us.  A week earlier he had written to Elder Ballard saying how much he had enjoyed his book, how good it was for him... and today he had received a handwritten response!  He was so excited to have that letter, he said he just had to tell everyone!   We celebrated the moment with him and then off he went!

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